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niedziela, 09 lutego 2014
They come from world-forgotten valleys in Southern Tirol, fight with the neo-fascism which gains popularity in the region, and in a week they will play along "The Wailers". The same with whom Bob Marley started his career half a century ago. Meet Jokerface, a band also known as "Ska from the Alps".
środa, 16 października 2013
On the whole Islands there are about 70 thousand of them. More than 70 per a kilometer of paved road. Although most of the sheep, because I am talking about them, keep their distance from the roads, those who decide to join the traffic are the most privilegs and stubborn participants.
niedziela, 22 września 2013
The arid borderlands of Utah and Arizona are a nature-lover's paradise. Red rocks show the whole history of Earth on the walls of gorges and canyons. Welcome to my short subjective guidebook of the most amazing holes in the ground. You will learn what better to see than the Grand Canyon (hint: go to point 3 of the list).
środa, 21 sierpnia 2013
In other circumstances I would probably have started this article from describing plastic luxury, artificial wealth and absurdity of the city's location. I made a mistake, though. Shortly before flying to Las Vegas, I had been in Dubai. The former (details will follow) capital of gambling and quick marriages fades in comparison to UAE's largest city, but one of Vegas' features remains unmatched. The abundance and omnipresence of kitsch.
piątek, 09 sierpnia 2013
It happens every Sunday. In a place we all know from "Baywatch" and thousands of other Hollywood movies, and just about 10 miles from Hollywood itself, a group of veterans and activists puts crosses. Hundreds of tourists coming to the Santa Monica beach stumble upon a mysterious, symbolic cemetery every time they stroll around the world-famous Santa Monica Pier and the lifeguards booth known from "Baywatch".
piątek, 19 lipca 2013
Somewhere between the deserts of Arizona and highlands of Utah Janet has got her road bar and motel. From March until October she serves delicious steaks to sparse tourists, trying to make enough money for the rest of the year. A sight all too familiar from the movies, but in real life a rather rare opportunity to experience the American hospitality and warmth over a juicy piece of beef.
niedziela, 30 czerwca 2013
Fans. Tens of them, falling apart and howling over a crowded hall. Hanging on a string so narrow that it can hardly be spotted dangerously low over the people's heads. Below them remains of food, paper cups and plates, dirty floors and flipped over tables. Hawker centers, crowded food courts full of colours, tastes and sound of fans are as close as one can get to a real South-Eastern Asia in Singapore.
czwartek, 27 czerwca 2013
If it was not for a more affluent neighbour in the south, the most dynamic city in the world might have never emerged. The ambition of Dubai, because that is what I am writing about, has always been limited - just to be better than Abu Dhabi. But since Abu Dhabi has always wanted to be the world's best, Dubai just had to become the global leader.
czwartek, 13 czerwca 2013
Ski Dubai is probably the only ski area in the world where alongside the usual equipment local skiing afficionados have to rent out... proper clothes. Well, I guess not many Dubai residents have got winter jackets. It would not be comfortable to shop in them anyways, and Ski Dubai is not more than just addition to an ultimate Dubai shopping experience.
czwartek, 23 maja 2013
Among the first dozen people I have met in Dubai only one was a citizen of this country and a member of the Bani Yas clan, native to this emirate. Counting all Arabs - still just three. The remaining people came from elsewhere: India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Central Asia... And that was not an exception, since Dubai is a city of migrants in which natives are powerful, but increasingly small minority.
sobota, 18 maja 2013
Khreshchatyk, wide boulevard in central Kiev, is rarely empty. But on May 6th, the Easter Monday in the Orthodox Church, hardly anyone could be seen there. Instead, those who did not take the opportunity for short vacations and stayed in the capital of Ukraine crowded the richly ornamented interiors of the city's beautiful churches, full of incense smoke.
piątek, 12 kwietnia 2013
Ghost town, bunkers, nuclear rockets storages, vodka and caviar - all to be found in Borne-Sulinowo. This small town in North-Western Poland has got a half a century break in its existence. It has disappeared from maps in 1945, only to show up again 48 years later. In practice, what all maps showed as big, wild forest was a heavily guarded and top-secret Soviet military base.
wtorek, 09 kwietnia 2013
Such an inscription welcomes guests to a small room in Hallstatt, Austria. Inside, empty eye sockets stare from all sides, few remaining teeth grin in morbid smiles. Who did they belong to? How did faces of these skulls looked like? Who was the person of whom now at best 21 bones remain? This grim ossuary, or "bone house", is one of few of its kind in the world. There is a fascinating story behind each of them.
niedziela, 24 marca 2013
There is a saying among seasoned skiers - if you go skiing to Austria, you will have at least two days a week of rain. And if you go in March, expect more. So, what can you do if you are not too keen on skiing in pouring rain or snow? Here are few tips for a day trip across Salzkammergut, the heart of Austria.
czwartek, 21 marca 2013
Last year a small Austrian town of Hallstatt received an unusual honour. After being enlisted on UNESCO Cultural Heritage, it joined Rayban glasses, Gucci bags and iPhones on the list of goods that the relentless Chinese manufacturing industry counterfeits. A "copy-original" Hallstatt was built in the southern province of Guangdong by the China Minmetal Corporation.
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